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Dear Ones – I am still in California, in Salinas and heading for Santa Cruz, where this weekend I will officiate at a wedding for some dear sweet young’uns, and do some re-uning with treasured friends. I’ll give an updated post next week about the amazingness that is Mendocino and also a few things I learned along the way to and from there.

In the meantime, a couple of requests: I am hoping to schedule some readings from the travel blog as well as the memoir-in-progress, in places where I’ll be heading – in Cali, that will be Cayucos and San Luis Obispo, and then I’ll be heading back north to Oregon and Washington – then on to Montana, Wyoming, maybe Utah, then Colorado…and various points east and southeast.

If any among you have a book group, a writers group, or can facilitate with a coffee shop, bar, library or other venue, please let me know! You can email me at chasinglightjourney at gmail dot com. (Shhh…that is the secret email address bots and spammers apparently cannot yet decipher…)

The second request is, if you think of people who might enjoy following along (the gang now numbers 300!), please send them a link of your favorite post and invite them to subscribe. There is still room on board this ever-evolving caravan. (“We are hanging off the ever-expanding vehicle’s sides, feeling the wind on our faces, as we roll along the freeway, bounce down new two-lane state highways that bisect new landscapes. We play ping-pong on the lower deck, calculating the variations for hitting a small plastic ball weighing 2.7 grams in one direction while traveling 65mph in another. We loll in hammocks that rock us to sleep. Our conveyance is powered by sunlight, cold fusion, and love.“)

Driving down from Cloverdale (in the Alexander Valley, for you wine enthusiasts) where I spent Tuesday night I watched the landscape change yet again, saw the return of palm trees and to my delight discovered the jacaranda are in full stunning purple bloom.

(Stock photo)

And as if that was not enough, I passed Garlic World (on the opposite side of the highway) with a small whimper, and then, hallelujah, found a stand on my side of the road where they sell Garlic Ice Cream! Yes, I did, and yes, it is delicious – anyone who has ever had garlic jelly that you put on cream cheese atop a cracker will get the general idea, except you skip all that cracker nonsense and just have the sweet garlicky creaminess.

Have a beautiful weekend, and if I have not mentioned it in a while, thank you so much for coming along on this journey. Often when I feel lonely, I go back and reread your comments and am deeply touched and much encouraged. Blessings to you all!

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4 Responses to We Interrupt This Blog Site…

  1. Lorrie and Hootch says:

    Yummmm garlic. Happy travels!

  2. Ginger Smith says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I am enjoying following your blog very much. I live in Portland Oregon. I see you are asking about getting together with folks on your travel. Are you planning to be in Portland? I am here this summer except for July 5 – 21. If you are coming to the area and I’m here, I would love to host a group for you. I have a book group. I have a friend with a book group and writing group. I work at a local community college. Between these connections I know that I could get folks together. If you are interested, send email and we can see what might work. Peace, blessings, traveling mercies!

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